Friday, October 30, 2009

Chapter 8-Telling Her

It has been almost a month since DeAnna had went to Philly to see Joff and the Flyers take on her beloved Penguins. Unfortunately, the Penguins lost to them in the final game of the year, but now the Pens had eliminated Ottawa and the New York Rangers from the playoffs and were in the Eastern Conference finals for the first time in eight years, and who were their opponents?

You guessed it….the Philadelphia Flyers, the Flyers had eliminated Washington and Montreal, and now they were down three games to one to the Penguins and Game 5 of the series was going to be held in Pittsburgh on May 18, 2008.

Joff never got the chance to see DeAnna on her birthday since she her cousin was getting married that day and she had to go to the wedding. He never got the chance to give her the dream present that she had told him she wanted a month prior.

DeAnna didn’t get a chance to go to the game to see the Pens beat the Flyers to win the Eastern Conference and advance to the Stanley Cup Finals since she had SAT prep class to go to. In face she missed half of the game. She only got to see the third period.

After the game Joff was going to meet up with DeAnna to give her the present he got her as well as just to see her since he hasn’t saw her in almost a month and a half.

Joff had told DeAnna to dress nicely since he was taking her somewhere special for her birthday. In fact not only was he giving her the customized champagne colored escalade with the black interior with pink trim, he was telling her how he felt about her. Now he just hoped and prayed that she felt the same way.

Joff arrived at DeAnna’s house and was amazed at how gorgeous she looked in just a pair of black dress pants, with a black dress shirt, and her silver accessories.

“Wow,” Joff said as DeAnna walked down the stairs, “You look so gorgeous.”

“Thanks,” DeAnna said, “I am not a dress or skirt type of person.”

“You look fine,” Joff said, “So mom what time should I have her home.”

“No later than 10:30,” Kelly, DeAnna’s mom said.

“Will do,” Joff said.

DeAnna gave her mom a kiss and told her she loved her before she went outside to see a champagne colored Range Rover with a big red bow on it.

“SURPRISE,” Joff said holding DeAnna’s hand.

“OH MY GOD,” DeAnna said, “OH MY GOD.”

“Do you like it,” Joff said.

“DO I LIKE IT,” DeAnna responded, “I LOVE IT, but I can’t accept it.”

Joff frowned, “Why?”

“I don’t want you spending all this money on me Joff,” DeAnna said.

“You said you wanted it and you got it,” Joff said.

“I’m sorry but this is too much,” DeAnna said.

“Please just accept it,” Joff said with pleading with DeAnna using those big blue eyes.

“Why are you that damn irresistible,” DeAnna said.

“What,” Joff said.

“Your eyes, everything about you just makes me crazy,” DeAnna said.

“I can’t take this anymore,” Joff said, “Get in the car we’ll talk on the way.”

“What did you mean when you said ‘I can’t take this anymore,’ DeAnna said.

“I was planning on telling you when you were legal,” Joff said.

“Telling me what,” DeAnna said.

“I am in love with you,” Joff said, “I love everything about you.”

“I don’t know what to say Joff,” DeAnna said.

“Please tell me you feel the same way,” Joff said.

“To be honest,” DeAnna said, “I do, I tried to deny it so many times because I knew it was wrong but I have fallen for you.”

“Why me though,” Joff said.

“To be honest I have no idea,” DeAnna said, “I’ve never thought I’d like a Flyer but when I saw you it was like love at first goal I guess.”

Joff couldn’t help but laugh, “Love at first goal, that’s a new one.”

“Oh shut up,” DeAnna said laughing, “Now the question is, why me?”

“You’re not like the others,” Joff said, “You’re smart, funny, beautiful, and you aren’t with me for the money.”

“I hate the ones who are dumb, gold diggers, users,” DeAnna said, “NHL players always fall for them.”

“Well I guess I’m not like the others,” Joff said.

“I guess not,” DeAnna said, “Well where do we go from here? I mean neither one of us are old enough to date each other.”

“We’ll ask your family,” Joff said, “If the media finds out, we’ll lie about your age.”

“I don’t think my family will approve,” DeAnna said, “They put a pretty strict guard on my wellbeing.”

“I will promise them not to hurt you, and if I do then they can kill me. I swear I am not a pedophile and I won’t touch you in any inappropriate way until you’re good and ready and you are legal,” Joff said smiling.

DeAnna laughed and responded, “Any who where are you taking me?”

“You’ll see,” Joff said.

“If Steve is there I am going to kick both of your asses,” DeAnna said.

“You really hate Steve,” Joff said, “You seriously don’t know him and you hate him.”

“Mhm,” DeAnna said, “He needs a good ass kicking.”

“I think he got his ass handed to him a couple times,” Joff said.

“Jarkko beat his ass a couple of times,” DeAnna said, “Steve just cried like a baby.”

“Alright we’re here,” Joff said.

“What,” DeAnna said looking around at the scenery in front of her.
“I decided to take you on a little plane ride,” Joff said.

“Where are we going,” DeAnna said.

“New York City,” Joff said.

“I’ve always wanted to go there,” DeAnna said.

“I know,” Joff said, “I asked your mom where you have always wanted to go and she said New York.”

“Wow I can’t believe it,” DeAnna said, “I wish we could stay there all week.”

“We are,” Joff said, “Your mom packed your bag.”

“NO WAY,” DeAnna said hugging Joff, “I am calling her right now to tell her thank you. Wait a minute what’s the catch?”

“There is no catch just call her before I change my mind,” Joff said.

“Alright I’ll call but boy are you acting happy go lucky after losing the Eastern Conference,” DeAnna said.

“I’m going to pretend like I didn’t here that,” Joff said poking her in the sides.

“DAMN IT I HATE THAT,” DeAnna said.

“Oh well you hate the Flyers too but you love me,” Joff said.

“Just shut up while I call my mom,” DeAnna said.

DeAnna got off the phone after talking to her mom for what seemed like forever.

“Your phone looks like crap,” Joff said referring to DeAnna’s green cell phone.

“Yeah well at least the Pens’ uniforms don’t look like a banner for gay pride,” DeAnna fired back.

“Ouch that hurt me right in here,” Joff said smiling hitting his chest.

“Get over it wanna be homeboy,” DeAnna said.

“You’re a smart ass you know that,” Joff said.

“You’ve told me that thousands of times,” DeAnna said.

“Yeah well have I told you this,” Joff said dropping to one knee and pulling out a velvet box.

DeAnna looked at him and responded, “Joff what the hell are you doing? You better be kidding me.”

Joff got up and dusted of his knees, “I’m kidding,” he said throwing his hands up in the air.

“You had me wondering if you were Steve in disguise,” DeAnna said, “I was thinking damn is this boy nuts?”

Joff opened the box saying, “It’s a ring, but it’s not an engagement ring.”

“Then what is it,” DeAnna said.

“Do you know how bad I looked having this made,” Joff said.


“Yes it’s a diamond Pens logo,” Joff said.

“OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU,” DeAnna said running over to him and hugging him.

Joff hugged her back before pulling away and looking into her eyes when he said, “Would you be mad if I kissed you?”

“Not one bit,” DeAnna said kissing him.

“You seriously do not know how long I have waited to do that,” Joff said.

“I know, believe me I know,” DeAnna replied.

Joff looked at her and said, “Well you ready to go to New York.”

“I’m as ready as I’ll ever be,” DeAnna said.

Little did Joff and DeAnna know that hell awaited them when they returned.

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