Friday, October 30, 2009

Chapter 2-What will her Friends Say?

As soon as DeAnna got to the arena and got settled in her seat, her cell phone rang. It was Nicole, her best friend for two years, and their friend Brittany.

“Hello,” DeAnna said, “what’s up?”

“Nothing much excited for the game,” Nicole said, “where are you sitting?”

“East Club suites 4 row A,” DeAnna said, “how about you?”

“Well we got B something SRO but Brittany couldn’t see over the rail so we are up standing by the rail in the balcony,” Nicole replied, “stand up so I can see you.”

DeAnna looked over to her left and saw Nicole standing there. “Look to your right,” DeAnna said to Nicole.

“OH MY GOD I never imagined we’d be on the same level ha-ha this is funny,” Nicole said.

“I have something to tell you,” DeAnna said.

“What,” Nicole said.

“Well before we came to the game tonight, my mom and I ate over at Steelehead, you know the restaurant across the street from the arena in the Marriot Hotel,” DeAnna said.

“Yeah….and,” Nicole said, “what happened?”

“Joffrey Lupul was in there,” DeAnna said, “and I approached him for an autograph and we ended up eating dinner together.”

“TRAITOR,” Nicole said laughing.

“I am not a traitor,” DeAnna replied laughing.

“What did he say,” Nicole said, “better yet what did your mom say?”

“Well we were just talking about how I have a crush on him and about how much I hate the Flyers,” DeAnna said.

“Wait…you told him that you had a crush on him and that you hated his team,” Nicole said knowing that her best friend was usually shy.

“Yes I told him that I had a crush on him and that I hated his team,” DeAnna said, “why is that so surprising to you?”

“Well man you are usually so shy,” Nicole said, “anyways what did your mom say?”

“She couldn’t believe it at first,” DeAnna said, “she was a little hesitant at first but she let me sit with him.”

“Wow that’s insane, I don’t know what to say,” Nicole said.

“To top it all off,” DeAnna said, “I got his number.”

“YOU DID NOT NOW FREAKING WAY,” Nicole said, “yeah I got his number, he doesn’t have mine but I have his.”

“Wow that’s props to you,” Nicole said, “are you going to keep in touch with him?”

“My mom told me he is too old for me and I told her that I am not going to call him,” DeAnna said.

“Dude you’re nuts you might get us some free tickets,” Nicole said laughing.

“Never thought of that,” DeAnna said, “well we better hang up before both of our batteries go dead and we miss the warm-ups.”

“Yeah I’ll text you during the game or at intermission,” Nicole said, “talk to you later bye.”

DeAnna shut her and cell phone and when she heard the string of boos throughout the arena she knew the rivals, the enemies, the goons of hockey had taken the ice, she booed right a long with the other fans until she saw that number fifteen look up directly at her and smile.

DeAnna just sat there and waved without letting the other people around her know who she was waving at. Her mom knew, but as for the other forty of fifty Penguins fans that were in the club level didn’t know.

All throughout the game the score was tight. It was a battle to whoever tired out first. First Philadelphia would go ahead by one goal then the Penguins would tie it up. It came down to the third and final period after a long hard fought battle and many fights throughout the way.

DeAnna’s favorite hockey player of all time, twenty year old, Sidney Crosby, scored the goal that sealed the deal and made the score 4-2 with the Penguins coming out on top to win their first Atlantic Division Championship in ten years.

Playoffs were in a week and had the Penguins lost that game, the would have been facing this team, there across state rival in an all out bloody battle for the state of Pa for the next eleven days.

When Joff left the ice, he turned around and stuck his stick up to the girl that he couldn’t get off of his mind.

DeAnna waved back and sitting back in her seat waiting for the Penguins to give twenty four lucky fans their jerseys, she realized that she had gotten herself into a real dilemma.

She just sat there wondering what it would be like getting to know him better then the thoughts crossed her mind on what it would be like to be a Penguins fan falling for a rival team’s player. It was strictly unheard of in the hockey community.

Then another thing crossed her min

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