Friday, October 30, 2009

Chapter 5-Stuck in the Middle

DeAnna woke up the next morning and turned her cell phone on. She never slept with her cell phone because in case it rang in the middle of the night then she’d have to kill someone for waking her up. She realized she had one new voicemail so she dialed one to listen to the message. The voicemail recording then repeated Joff’s number back to her

“Hmm one new message from Joff at 5 in the morning,” DeAnna thought to herself, “I wonder what he wanted.”

“Hey sorry if I woke you up but I figured your phone would be off since you had to get up at 6,” Joff said, “I couldn’t sleep and I just wanted to tell you that I had a really good time last night and that I really want you to come out to Philly for the game on Sunday. Anyways I got to go, I have an early flight but call me later so we can talk.”

DeAnna hung up the phone and couldn’t believe that Joff wanted her to go to Philadelphia to watch the game. First of all she was JUST his friend, second of all she hated traveling, and lastly she wasn’t wearing orange and black if he wanted her to wear his jersey.

DeAnna got dressed for school and on her way there she texted Joff.


“Are you always this hyper in the mornings?”

“Not all the time but I am the queen of texting.”

“I can see that =P anyways what are you up to?”

“I am on my way to school right now.”

“I remember being in high school, but I’m a big boy NHL player now.”

“Yeah a big boy NHL player who happens to have a heart of gold and plays on a team of goons.”

“That hurt and by the way thanks for the compliment”

“Well I am only speaking the truth =) and by the way no problem anytime. Are you on your way back to Philly?”

“Yeah we just boarded the plane, have you considered coming out for the game on Sunday?”
“Yeah I have and I might come on three conditions.”


“Bite me Zoolander”

“I will not =P…Okay what are the three conditions?”

“Actually there were three but the first one is kind of embarrassing so we’ll leave that out.”

“Oh really what is it?”

“I’m not telling but the two conditions are I hate traveling so let’s not make a habit of me coming out there and the second one is I AM NOT WEARING ORANGE AND BLACK!”

“So my friend isn’t going to be sporting my jersey that cuts like a knife”

“Get over it you baby I will continue supporting my team even if I am on the opposite side of the state in the rival city.”

“It’s cool Joff said but hey I got to shut my phone off so I will definitely talk to you later have fun at school.”

“Oh yeah it’s the highlight of my day talk to you later Lupes. Have a safe flight.”

DeAnna shut her phone and continued listening to her MP3 player. It was on shuffle and when she was done texting Joff she couldn’t help but notice that I Call It Love by Lionel Richie came on.

“OH GREAT JUST WHAT I NEED AFTER I TALK TO A CLOSE GUY FRIEND,” DeAnna thought to herself as she couldn’t help but notice that the first two lines were so true for how she felt when she saw Joff.

DeAnna shut her eyes listening to the first two lines of the song. “I look at you, you look at me, you can’t me you’re not feeling butterflies.”

DeAnna immediately turned to the next song and when ACDC’s Highway to Hell came on she couldn’t help but laugh because she was going to taunt Joff when the Flyers started the playoffs about them losing eventually if they didn’t win to the Pens.

DeAnna arrived at school and shut her phone off and all throughout the day Joff was on her mind and when she came home she saw she had a text from him.

“Hey we just landed what are you doing?”

“Nothing much, I just got home and I am changing out of my uniform into comfortable clothes.”

“Uniform, do you go to a Catholic school?”

“Yeah I do, I think I told you that or were you too drunk to remember”

“Probably too drunk to remember sounds like the right one”

“You are too much, do you know that? How did I ever become friends with you?”

“Do you want me to go into full details like you did the other night with outfit and everything?”

“You are such a smart ass”

“Well are you coming on Sunday? Downie told me he can’t wait to meet you.”

“I am not coming with in 10 feet of your teammates the only ones that I want to meet are RJ and Danny that’s it. I used to like Marty then he called my boy Sid a crybaby and that doesn’t go over too well with me”

“I knew you were going to throw that in there somehow. You really like Crosby eh.”

“Yeah I do he’s the greatest player in the game today besides Malkin and Ovechkin. I wish I could say the same for you”

“I better go get some ice because that burned”

“You are a cheese ball and a half and my mom says I can only come to Philadelphia on one condition”

“And that is”

“If she comes with me, because she knows how I can get at hockey games and I might end up punching one of your fans in their faces”

“Ool frisky Joffrey likes”

“Oh great I’m friends with Chester the damn child molester”
“I am not a child molester”

“Then what do you call a 24 year old man befriending a 16 year old”

“Hey we are just friends”

“Yeah I know but I love to torture you”

“Yes unfortunately I do know that you like to torture me”

“It’s nothing that I don’t do to my other friends”

“That’s good to know, I can’t wait to meet some of your friends so I can ask them how to put up with you”

“Yeah well until you do I’m stuck in the middle with you”

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