Friday, October 30, 2009

Chapter 8-Telling Her

It has been almost a month since DeAnna had went to Philly to see Joff and the Flyers take on her beloved Penguins. Unfortunately, the Penguins lost to them in the final game of the year, but now the Pens had eliminated Ottawa and the New York Rangers from the playoffs and were in the Eastern Conference finals for the first time in eight years, and who were their opponents?

You guessed it….the Philadelphia Flyers, the Flyers had eliminated Washington and Montreal, and now they were down three games to one to the Penguins and Game 5 of the series was going to be held in Pittsburgh on May 18, 2008.

Joff never got the chance to see DeAnna on her birthday since she her cousin was getting married that day and she had to go to the wedding. He never got the chance to give her the dream present that she had told him she wanted a month prior.

DeAnna didn’t get a chance to go to the game to see the Pens beat the Flyers to win the Eastern Conference and advance to the Stanley Cup Finals since she had SAT prep class to go to. In face she missed half of the game. She only got to see the third period.

After the game Joff was going to meet up with DeAnna to give her the present he got her as well as just to see her since he hasn’t saw her in almost a month and a half.

Joff had told DeAnna to dress nicely since he was taking her somewhere special for her birthday. In fact not only was he giving her the customized champagne colored escalade with the black interior with pink trim, he was telling her how he felt about her. Now he just hoped and prayed that she felt the same way.

Joff arrived at DeAnna’s house and was amazed at how gorgeous she looked in just a pair of black dress pants, with a black dress shirt, and her silver accessories.

“Wow,” Joff said as DeAnna walked down the stairs, “You look so gorgeous.”

“Thanks,” DeAnna said, “I am not a dress or skirt type of person.”

“You look fine,” Joff said, “So mom what time should I have her home.”

“No later than 10:30,” Kelly, DeAnna’s mom said.

“Will do,” Joff said.

DeAnna gave her mom a kiss and told her she loved her before she went outside to see a champagne colored Range Rover with a big red bow on it.

“SURPRISE,” Joff said holding DeAnna’s hand.

“OH MY GOD,” DeAnna said, “OH MY GOD.”

“Do you like it,” Joff said.

“DO I LIKE IT,” DeAnna responded, “I LOVE IT, but I can’t accept it.”

Joff frowned, “Why?”

“I don’t want you spending all this money on me Joff,” DeAnna said.

“You said you wanted it and you got it,” Joff said.

“I’m sorry but this is too much,” DeAnna said.

“Please just accept it,” Joff said with pleading with DeAnna using those big blue eyes.

“Why are you that damn irresistible,” DeAnna said.

“What,” Joff said.

“Your eyes, everything about you just makes me crazy,” DeAnna said.

“I can’t take this anymore,” Joff said, “Get in the car we’ll talk on the way.”

“What did you mean when you said ‘I can’t take this anymore,’ DeAnna said.

“I was planning on telling you when you were legal,” Joff said.

“Telling me what,” DeAnna said.

“I am in love with you,” Joff said, “I love everything about you.”

“I don’t know what to say Joff,” DeAnna said.

“Please tell me you feel the same way,” Joff said.

“To be honest,” DeAnna said, “I do, I tried to deny it so many times because I knew it was wrong but I have fallen for you.”

“Why me though,” Joff said.

“To be honest I have no idea,” DeAnna said, “I’ve never thought I’d like a Flyer but when I saw you it was like love at first goal I guess.”

Joff couldn’t help but laugh, “Love at first goal, that’s a new one.”

“Oh shut up,” DeAnna said laughing, “Now the question is, why me?”

“You’re not like the others,” Joff said, “You’re smart, funny, beautiful, and you aren’t with me for the money.”

“I hate the ones who are dumb, gold diggers, users,” DeAnna said, “NHL players always fall for them.”

“Well I guess I’m not like the others,” Joff said.

“I guess not,” DeAnna said, “Well where do we go from here? I mean neither one of us are old enough to date each other.”

“We’ll ask your family,” Joff said, “If the media finds out, we’ll lie about your age.”

“I don’t think my family will approve,” DeAnna said, “They put a pretty strict guard on my wellbeing.”

“I will promise them not to hurt you, and if I do then they can kill me. I swear I am not a pedophile and I won’t touch you in any inappropriate way until you’re good and ready and you are legal,” Joff said smiling.

DeAnna laughed and responded, “Any who where are you taking me?”

“You’ll see,” Joff said.

“If Steve is there I am going to kick both of your asses,” DeAnna said.

“You really hate Steve,” Joff said, “You seriously don’t know him and you hate him.”

“Mhm,” DeAnna said, “He needs a good ass kicking.”

“I think he got his ass handed to him a couple times,” Joff said.

“Jarkko beat his ass a couple of times,” DeAnna said, “Steve just cried like a baby.”

“Alright we’re here,” Joff said.

“What,” DeAnna said looking around at the scenery in front of her.
“I decided to take you on a little plane ride,” Joff said.

“Where are we going,” DeAnna said.

“New York City,” Joff said.

“I’ve always wanted to go there,” DeAnna said.

“I know,” Joff said, “I asked your mom where you have always wanted to go and she said New York.”

“Wow I can’t believe it,” DeAnna said, “I wish we could stay there all week.”

“We are,” Joff said, “Your mom packed your bag.”

“NO WAY,” DeAnna said hugging Joff, “I am calling her right now to tell her thank you. Wait a minute what’s the catch?”

“There is no catch just call her before I change my mind,” Joff said.

“Alright I’ll call but boy are you acting happy go lucky after losing the Eastern Conference,” DeAnna said.

“I’m going to pretend like I didn’t here that,” Joff said poking her in the sides.

“DAMN IT I HATE THAT,” DeAnna said.

“Oh well you hate the Flyers too but you love me,” Joff said.

“Just shut up while I call my mom,” DeAnna said.

DeAnna got off the phone after talking to her mom for what seemed like forever.

“Your phone looks like crap,” Joff said referring to DeAnna’s green cell phone.

“Yeah well at least the Pens’ uniforms don’t look like a banner for gay pride,” DeAnna fired back.

“Ouch that hurt me right in here,” Joff said smiling hitting his chest.

“Get over it wanna be homeboy,” DeAnna said.

“You’re a smart ass you know that,” Joff said.

“You’ve told me that thousands of times,” DeAnna said.

“Yeah well have I told you this,” Joff said dropping to one knee and pulling out a velvet box.

DeAnna looked at him and responded, “Joff what the hell are you doing? You better be kidding me.”

Joff got up and dusted of his knees, “I’m kidding,” he said throwing his hands up in the air.

“You had me wondering if you were Steve in disguise,” DeAnna said, “I was thinking damn is this boy nuts?”

Joff opened the box saying, “It’s a ring, but it’s not an engagement ring.”

“Then what is it,” DeAnna said.

“Do you know how bad I looked having this made,” Joff said.


“Yes it’s a diamond Pens logo,” Joff said.

“OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU,” DeAnna said running over to him and hugging him.

Joff hugged her back before pulling away and looking into her eyes when he said, “Would you be mad if I kissed you?”

“Not one bit,” DeAnna said kissing him.

“You seriously do not know how long I have waited to do that,” Joff said.

“I know, believe me I know,” DeAnna replied.

Joff looked at her and said, “Well you ready to go to New York.”

“I’m as ready as I’ll ever be,” DeAnna said.

Little did Joff and DeAnna know that hell awaited them when they returned.

Chapter 7-The Dream and Philadelphia Freedom

DeAnna couldn’t get to sleep that night before she left for Philadelphia. Meanwhile, neither could Joff. DeAnna wondered what it might be like if she was Joff’s girlfriend, meanwhile on the other hand Joff wondered what it might be like if he was with her all the time.

DeAnna laid her head down and tried to get some sleep. She finally got to sleep around 2am and she had a dream that she hoped was a reality.

DeAnna was standing in the airport without her mom, she was Joff’s age, and not sixteen. She was waiting for Joff to pick her up, and take her to the game. They have been together for almost a week now, and they were madly in love with each other. DeAnna never thought she would fall for the enemy and Joff never thought another team’s fan would fall in love with him. DeAnna looked around before she spotted Joff waiting out by his silver Range Rover.

DeAnna gathered her luggage and wheeled it behind her.

“Joff,” DeAnna said running to him.

“Dee baby,” Joff said turning around and hugging her then kissing her.

“I have waited for this for I don’t know how long,” DeAnna said.

“It felt good to kiss you,” Joff said.

“Same here,” DeAnna said, “We are going to make the world jealous.”

“Yeah we are,” Joff said, “That is alright with me.”

“Me too,” DeAnna said, “Nice car by the way, Range Rovers are my favorite.”

“Well if that’s the case,” Joff said, “How about you drive?”

“Oh no,” DeAnna said, “As much as I would love too, I don’t trust myself with an 80,000 dollar SUV.”

“You either drive or you aren’t going to the game,” Joff said smiling and giving her a puppy dog face.

“Why are you so damn irresistibly gorgeous,” DeAnna said, “Alright give me the keys.”

DeAnna woke up and it was now 8:59am which meant she was up before the alarm. Why did that have to be a dream? She hoped it was a reality but then again reality sucked to her because she would never get the chance to be with Joff, or would she?

DeAnna woke her mom up and got a shower. When she got out the shower she realized that there was a text on her phone from Joff.

“Call me when you are almost to Philadelphia”

“Alright I will do that. I am excited like you have no idea.”

“I am glad to hear that, Steve said he is excited to see you too.”

“HA HA too bad I’m not excited to see him.”

“Ool burner”

“Get some ice then =P”

“Full of funnies this morning, aren’t we?”

“Oh bite me; alright I am going to get dressed. I’ll call you when we are 10 minutes away from landing.”

“Gladly =P….alright see you then.”

DeAnna shut her phone and threw it on her bed.

“If you keep sitting there texting and doing nothing we are going to miss our flight,” her mom said.

“I don’t even want to go on the plane,” DeAnna said, “You know I am petrified of planes.”

“Why did you agree to go to the game then,” her mom said, “I’m sure Joff would have understood if you were scared.”

“I told him that I was scared of the plane crashing, and also my fear of heights,” DeAnna said.

“Yet he still booked a plane,” her mom said.

“It’s a private jet,” DeAnna said, “It shouldn’t be that bad.”

“Take a Xanax and you should be fine,” her mom said.

“Give me one when we get to the airport,” DeAnna said.

“Alright let’s quit talking and get dressed,” her mom said.

DeAnna got dressed and styled her hair then grabbed her mom’s keys and started loading the luggage in the car.

“Alright,” her mom said, “Are you ready to go?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” DeAnna said.

They said goodbye to her grandparents, and her aunt and pulled off on their way to the airport.

They got to the airport at quarter after 10 and saw the big huge private jet.

“You must be DeAnna and Kelly,” the pilot said walking towards them.

“Yes that’s us,” DeAnna said, “I’m DeAnna and this is my mom Kelly.”

The pilot shook both of their hands before replying, “Joff tells me you two hate heights and flying, am I correct?”

“Yes you are,” DeAnna said, “My mom has been on a plane before, but me never, and I am more scared than anything.”

“I promise that you are in good hands,” the pilot said, “I have been a pilot for over twenty years and this plane is light like a feather.”

“Now that makes me feel better,” DeAnna said.

“How long will it take to get to Philadelphia from here,” her mom asked.

“About half an hour maybe forty-five minutes,” the pilot said.

“Joff said two hours,” DeAnna said, “Now I got to call him and work his nerves.”

“He said you were a tough cookie,” the pilot said, “Call him and tell him that the plane ride is no more than half an hour to forty-five minutes. He should know this, he flies from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, and Philadelphia to Pittsburgh four times per year.”

“Hey Joff,” DeAnna said, “You know how you said the plane ride is two hours?”

“Yeah,” Joff said, “It is two hours.”

“The pilot said it’s anywhere from half an hour to forty-five minutes from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia,” DeAnna said.

“Alright I’ll leave for the airport now,” Joff said, “Where are you at?”

“I just boarded the plane and I should be there in like thirty maybe forty-five minutes,” DeAnna said.

“Alright I’ll leave my house in like fifteen minutes,” Joff said, “Call me to make sure I left.”

“Alright I’ll do that,” DeAnna said, “I got to go we are about to take off.”

“Alright bye,” Joff said.

DeAnna and her mom fastened their seatbelts and before they knew it they were in Philadelphia.

DeAnna had called Joff when they were fifteen minutes away from landing and he was leaving his house to come pick them up from the airport.

DeAnna and her mom got off at the plane at the airport. They had their own gate since they were a private plane and they saw Joff parked on the runway with the silver Range Rover. Joff was leaning against it in a hoodie and a skull cap.

“OH MY GOD HE LOOKS HOT,” DeAnna said to her mom.

“Pipe down hormone,” her mom said, “Just act normal around him and not all giddy.”

Joff started walking towards them. He hugged DeAnna and gave her a kiss on the cheek then gave her mom a hug.

“You guys are finally here,” Joff said, “How was the plane?’’

“It was cool I guess,” DeAnna said, “We’re here safely aren’t we.”

“Yeah you are,” Joff said, “Steve told me to tell you that he is sorry he couldn’t come he was busy with planning stuff for the game.”

“More like conspiring to hurt Jarkko Ruutu,” DeAnna said, “He just needs to admit that he is afraid of Ruutu that way they can both get on with their lives.”
“Come on give Steve some credit,” Joff said, “Although I must admit he is a pansy sometimes.”

“THANK YOU JOFF,” DeAnna said, “You think he’s a pansy too.”

“Let’s pretend like I never said that,” Joff said, “Alright who has shotgun in the range?”


“I never knew that,” Joff said, “I guess you learn something new everyday.”

“I want one for my birthday,” DeAnna said, “But my family doesn’t have 80,000 dollars to spend.”

“I hope you get one,” Joff said making a mental note to buy her one.

“What’s your favorite color Range Rover,” Joff said.’

“I like red and black ones,” DeAnna said, “I wish they made them in the champagne color like the Escalades.”

“That’d be pretty awesome if they did,” Joff said, “They have white ones though.”

“I know but they are just plane white and have no sparkle to them,” DeAnna said.

“You know a lot about cars,” Joff said, “Some girls don’t know anything when it comes to cars.”

“I love cars,” DeAnna said, “But I definitely love sports more than cars.”

“Are you ladies hungry,” Joff said, “We can get something to eat before we go to my house so you guys can get ready for the game, or we can go directly to get ready. It’s up to you guys.”

“I’m not that hungry,” her mom said.

“I am though,” DeAnna said, “Joff do you have I-Hops out here in Philly?”

“Yeah we do,” Joff said, “I thought they had them in Pittsburgh.”

“They do but it is so far away from my house,” DeAnna said.

“Alright I-Hop it is,” Joff said.
DeAnna couldn’t believe it they were finally in Philadelphia and Joff gave her a kiss on her cheek but not her mom. What did it mean? Did it mean he felt the same way about her as she did him? I guess the dream was a dream but this, this was Philadelphia freedom.

Chapter 6-Like a Brother

Well it’s been almost two days since DeAnna last talked to Joff and to be honest it was kind of depressing for both of them.

Joff loved that she kept him smiling everyday and DeAnna loved that Joff was just as sarcastic as she was.

It was now Saturday and DeAnna was waiting for Joff to call her so she would know what time to catch her plane to Philadelphia in the morning, for the game against her beloved Penguins on Sunday.

DeAnna was packing when she heard her phone ring. Crashed by Daughtry was Joff’s ring tone since the song basically explained how they both met.

“Then I CRASHED into you and I went up in flames, could’ve been the death of me, then you breathed your breath in me. Then I CRASHED into you, like a runaway train. You will consume me, but I can’t walk away.”’

“Hello Monsieur Lupul,” DeAnna said, “Long time no hear.”

“What’s with the French,” Joff said, “I know I haven’t talked to you in two days and that’s sad.”

“Yeah it is,” DeAnna said, “By the way I have two years of French under my belt so get used to my random outbursts in French.”

“You never told me you speak French,” Joff said, “Je parle Français aussi.”

“Ah oui,” DeAnna said, “But I don’t feel like communicating in French today so what time should I leave in the morning.”

“Well the game starts at one o’ clock and it’s only a two hour plane ride here,” Joff said, “So I’ll send the ticket for a nine o’ clock flight.”

“Alright sounds good,” DeAnna said, “I am a little nervous, I’ve never been on a plane before and I am afraid of heights and the plane crashing.”

“It’s nothing,” Joff said, “Trust me you’ll get used to it.”

“I’ll take your word for it,” DeAnna said, “Oh and by the way you owe me a favor.”

“And that is…,” Joff said.

“When I get there you better let me meet some of my favorite Pens players,” DeAnna said, “Flyer or no Flyer you got to make me happy.”

“What have I gotten myself into,” Joff said.

“What is that supposed to mean,” DeAnna said laughing.

“Nothing you know what I meant,” Joff said, “Come on I know you are dying to meet Downie.”

“Yeah that’ll be the day,” DeAnna said, “If I would meet him I got a lot to say to that psycho.”

“He’s not psycho,” Joff said, “He has just been through a lot since he was a kid.”

“I know what happened when he was a kid,” DeAnna said, “But his actions have nothing to do with what he has been through.”

“I guess you’re right,” Joff said, “So anyways, are you excited about the game?”

“Oh yeah,” DeAnna said, “It’s my first Penguins away game so I am anxious to see the difference between our arena and yours.”

“Well first of all the fans will be cheering for us and not you,” Joff said.

“I know that,” DeAnna said, “I will have my Pens stuff on though so I should get booed out of the arena just like we boo you guys out of here.”

“Yeah but tell them you’re friends with me,” Joff said, “And you should be alright.”

“What about the forums Joff,” DeAnna said, “People would love to hear that you are befriending a sixteen year old.”

“Okay Okay just keep your mouth shut then,” Joff said laughing.

“My lips are sealed,” DeAnna said.

“What are you up to today,” Joff asked.

“Oh not much,” DeAnna said, “Just packing and getting ready for tomorrow.”

“That’s cool,” Joff said, “Is your mom excited about coming?”

“I guess,” DeAnna said, “She hasn’t really said anything though.”

“Ah I see,” Joff said, “Has she said anything about me?”

“No not really,” DeAnna said, “She still doesn’t approve of me being friends with you but I guess she’ll get over it eventually.”

“I guess it will take time for her to get used to you talking to me,” Joff said.

“Yeah I guess so,” DeAnna said, “She is just worried that you are friends with me for all the wrong reasons.”

“Yeah I know,” Joff said, “But I swear I am not.”

“I know,” DeAnna said, “But who knows over time we might not be friends.”

“I hope that doesn’t happen,” Joff said, “I like talking to you.”

“Aw same here,” DeAnna said, “And besides that you are way older than I am.”

“I know almost seven years difference between the ages,” Joff said, “I am not a pedophile.”

“Ha-ha I know,” DeAnna said, “But if you were I’d be more than happy to be your victim.”

“Maybe I should become a pedophile then,” Joff said smiling.

“Oh please do,” DeAnna said laughing.

Meanwhile on the other end Joff was wishing she was a little bit older so he would be able to tell her how he felt.

“No Joff don’t do this she’s only sixteen,” Joff thought to himself, “She’s just a kid, you should think of her as more of a sister than a girlfriend but you can’t do it, so you have to wait until she’s eighteen to tell her how you feel.”

“Well your birthday is next month,” Joff said, “You’ll be seventeen which means you only have one year until you’re Legal.”

“Yeah I’ll be legal in one year,” DeAnna said, “But why do you care unless of course you have a crush on me or something.”

With this being said the phone went completely silent.

“Hello anybody there,” DeAnna said, “Joffrey yoohoo Joffrey.”

“I uh…got to go,” Joff said, “I have a late practice I’ll pick you and your mom up from the airport, have a safe flight. Call me when you get off the plane.”

“Alright bye,” DeAnna said.

“Oh My God,” Joff said to himself after he hung up the phone, “She knows that I like her, I’m so dead.”

“Well that was weird,” DeAnna said to her mom.

“What was weird,” her mom said.

“Joff said that my birthday was next month which means I only have one more year until I’m legal and when I said what do you care unless you have a crush on me or something he said he had a late practice and hung up,” DeAnna said.

“Sounds to me like he does but he is afraid to admit it since he is seven years older than you are,” her mom said.

“I don’t know he’s like a brother to me,” DeAnna said, “If he ever told me how he felt it would be a little weird between us.”

“Yeah I guess you’re right,” her mom said, “I am starting to like him.”

“Finally,” DeAnna said.

“Is he picking us up at the airport tomorrow,” her mom said.

“Yeah our flight is at nine o’ clock tomorrow so we should be in Philadelphia by eleven or twelve,” DeAnna said, “he wants us to call him when we touch down in Philly so he can leave to come get us.”

“Is he bringing any of his teammates with him,” her mom said.

“I hope not, but I got a feeling Steve Downie will try to come with him,” DeAnna said, “They are roommates so I guess Steve will tag along I hope he doesn’t though I can’t stand him.”

“What did he ever do to you,” her mom said, “you don’t even know him and you are saying that you don’t like him.”

“He goes around messing with everybody on the ice,” DeAnna said and it’s irritating.”

“So that’s why you don’t like him,” her mom said, “He beat up a few of your boys so you don’t like him.”

“Exactly,” DeAnna said.

“Well you need to give Steve Downie, the person a chance,” her mom said, “He could be a lot different from Steve Downie, the idiot on ice.”

“I guess you’re right,” DeAnna said, “We better get to sleep it’s late and we got a plane to catch in the morning.”

“Yeah you’re right,” her mom said, “Think about what I said. Good night I love you.”

DeAnna told her mom that she loved her too and gave a her a kiss good night and when her head hit the pillows she hoped that one day she would like Joff more than like a brother.

Chapter 5-Stuck in the Middle

DeAnna woke up the next morning and turned her cell phone on. She never slept with her cell phone because in case it rang in the middle of the night then she’d have to kill someone for waking her up. She realized she had one new voicemail so she dialed one to listen to the message. The voicemail recording then repeated Joff’s number back to her

“Hmm one new message from Joff at 5 in the morning,” DeAnna thought to herself, “I wonder what he wanted.”

“Hey sorry if I woke you up but I figured your phone would be off since you had to get up at 6,” Joff said, “I couldn’t sleep and I just wanted to tell you that I had a really good time last night and that I really want you to come out to Philly for the game on Sunday. Anyways I got to go, I have an early flight but call me later so we can talk.”

DeAnna hung up the phone and couldn’t believe that Joff wanted her to go to Philadelphia to watch the game. First of all she was JUST his friend, second of all she hated traveling, and lastly she wasn’t wearing orange and black if he wanted her to wear his jersey.

DeAnna got dressed for school and on her way there she texted Joff.


“Are you always this hyper in the mornings?”

“Not all the time but I am the queen of texting.”

“I can see that =P anyways what are you up to?”

“I am on my way to school right now.”

“I remember being in high school, but I’m a big boy NHL player now.”

“Yeah a big boy NHL player who happens to have a heart of gold and plays on a team of goons.”

“That hurt and by the way thanks for the compliment”

“Well I am only speaking the truth =) and by the way no problem anytime. Are you on your way back to Philly?”

“Yeah we just boarded the plane, have you considered coming out for the game on Sunday?”
“Yeah I have and I might come on three conditions.”


“Bite me Zoolander”

“I will not =P…Okay what are the three conditions?”

“Actually there were three but the first one is kind of embarrassing so we’ll leave that out.”

“Oh really what is it?”

“I’m not telling but the two conditions are I hate traveling so let’s not make a habit of me coming out there and the second one is I AM NOT WEARING ORANGE AND BLACK!”

“So my friend isn’t going to be sporting my jersey that cuts like a knife”

“Get over it you baby I will continue supporting my team even if I am on the opposite side of the state in the rival city.”

“It’s cool Joff said but hey I got to shut my phone off so I will definitely talk to you later have fun at school.”

“Oh yeah it’s the highlight of my day talk to you later Lupes. Have a safe flight.”

DeAnna shut her phone and continued listening to her MP3 player. It was on shuffle and when she was done texting Joff she couldn’t help but notice that I Call It Love by Lionel Richie came on.

“OH GREAT JUST WHAT I NEED AFTER I TALK TO A CLOSE GUY FRIEND,” DeAnna thought to herself as she couldn’t help but notice that the first two lines were so true for how she felt when she saw Joff.

DeAnna shut her eyes listening to the first two lines of the song. “I look at you, you look at me, you can’t me you’re not feeling butterflies.”

DeAnna immediately turned to the next song and when ACDC’s Highway to Hell came on she couldn’t help but laugh because she was going to taunt Joff when the Flyers started the playoffs about them losing eventually if they didn’t win to the Pens.

DeAnna arrived at school and shut her phone off and all throughout the day Joff was on her mind and when she came home she saw she had a text from him.

“Hey we just landed what are you doing?”

“Nothing much, I just got home and I am changing out of my uniform into comfortable clothes.”

“Uniform, do you go to a Catholic school?”

“Yeah I do, I think I told you that or were you too drunk to remember”

“Probably too drunk to remember sounds like the right one”

“You are too much, do you know that? How did I ever become friends with you?”

“Do you want me to go into full details like you did the other night with outfit and everything?”

“You are such a smart ass”

“Well are you coming on Sunday? Downie told me he can’t wait to meet you.”

“I am not coming with in 10 feet of your teammates the only ones that I want to meet are RJ and Danny that’s it. I used to like Marty then he called my boy Sid a crybaby and that doesn’t go over too well with me”

“I knew you were going to throw that in there somehow. You really like Crosby eh.”

“Yeah I do he’s the greatest player in the game today besides Malkin and Ovechkin. I wish I could say the same for you”

“I better go get some ice because that burned”

“You are a cheese ball and a half and my mom says I can only come to Philadelphia on one condition”

“And that is”

“If she comes with me, because she knows how I can get at hockey games and I might end up punching one of your fans in their faces”

“Ool frisky Joffrey likes”

“Oh great I’m friends with Chester the damn child molester”
“I am not a child molester”

“Then what do you call a 24 year old man befriending a 16 year old”

“Hey we are just friends”

“Yeah I know but I love to torture you”

“Yes unfortunately I do know that you like to torture me”

“It’s nothing that I don’t do to my other friends”

“That’s good to know, I can’t wait to meet some of your friends so I can ask them how to put up with you”

“Yeah well until you do I’m stuck in the middle with you”

Chapter 4-They Meet Up

DeAnna arrived at the Omni William Penn Hotel to see Joff waiting out front. DeAnna got out of her mom’s car giving her mom a kiss goodbye and telling her to pick her up at quarter to eleven and she’d call her later.

DeAnna shut the door and walked up to Joff, who had his back towards her. She put her hands over his eyes.

“Guess who,” DeAnna said.

“Oh…I don’t know the Boogeyman,” Joff said smiling.

“See you are a smart ass,” DeAnna said, “but hey I don’t mind it.”

“Me being a smart ass is like the being the male version of you,” Joff said, “Except I’m not pretty like you are.”

“Wow Joffrey Lupul thinks I’m pretty,” DeAnna said wanting to tell Joff he was gorgeous but instead she just simply told him she was flattered.

“Hey you know what, bite me,” Joff said smiling. “I hope she knows why I told her she was pretty,” Joff also thought to himself

“I will not,” DeAnna said smirking at Joff. Meanwhile deep down she knew he must like her if he just called her pretty, now she was hoping he would catch on to the fact that she liked him too.

“Alright let’s go before we get spotted being seen together and your picture is all over,” Joff said.

“Yeah I agree,” DeAnna said, “those forums are so full of crap and they do nothing but ruin a player’s reputation.”\

“You’ll be surprised at the pending lawsuits that the NHL has against the site,” Joff said.

“Oh I believe it,” DeAnna said, “I go on there just to steal the pictures they have of you hottie hockey players.”

“Do you have any pictures of me,” Joff said out of curiosity hoping she did.

“As a matter of fact I have one or two of you and I have one in my phone to be a screensaver,” DeAnna said blushing.

“Hey don’t be embarrassed,” Joff said, “Come here,” he said as he extended his arms out to hug her and kissed her forehead wishing it was her lips.

DeAnna immediately wanted to fall to the pavement but she hugged him back wishing never to let go meanwhile she didn’t know that Joff was thinking the exact same thing.

“Alright,” DeAnna said, “let’s quit this mushy stuff and go see a movie.”

“I want dinner first,” Joff said, “I’m starving, is there anywhere good around here?”

“Well we have all the restaurants in the city,” DeAnna said, “then we have the South Side which has a new shopping center and a movie theater.”

“I guess we’ll go to the South Side,” Joff said, “any suggestions on good restaurants?”

“Do you like cheesecake and good food,” DeAnna said.

“Oh yeah,” Joff said licking his lips.

“Then let’s go to ‘The Cheesecake Factory,’” DeAnna said, “they have really good food and their cheesecake is awesome, but I must warn you about something.”

“What’s that,” Joff said.

“Maxime Talbot lives close to the restaurant and people have seen him, Sidney Crosby, and some of the other guys there before,” DeAnna said.

“So what do I care,” Joff said, “I’ll wish them luck and move on with my life.”

“They might know who I am,” DeAnna said, “my best friend and I go to practices all the time so they might remember my face.”

“You shouldn’t care,” Joff said, “do you know how many fans they have met? It’s impossible that they would remember who you are.”

“Yeah I guess you’re right,” DeAnna said, “but if we see them you better be nice and not say a word. Do we understand each other?”

“Alright I promise,” Joff said, “now will you shut up and open the door I am hungry.”

“Yeah me too,” DeAnna said, “but shouldn’t you be opening the door.”

“Oh yeah sorry about that,” Joff said, “It was very rude of me, my bad.”

DeAnna laughed at him as he opened the door and she replied a simple thank you.

Joff followed her hoping and wishing that he wouldn’t mess things up with DeAnna. Something told him that she was one he should hang onto.

DeAnna turned around to see Joff staring into space.

“A penny for your thoughts,” DeAnna said.

“Huh? What?” Joff said, “Oh sorry I was just thinking about something.”

“Are you scared we might run into some of the Pens,” DeAnna said, “and they are going to brag about how badly you are going to get your ass kicked in the playoffs.”

“Wow Hahahahahaha,” Joff said, “you’re a real piece of work do you know that?”

“So I’ve been told,” DeAnna said, “but it’s the truth, I’m sorry.”

“Wow,” Joff said, “You are a die hard Pens fan but you are becoming friends with a Flyer, how the hell did that happen?”

“Uh let’s see it happened the other night in Steelehead,” DeAnna started explaining what happened, “and I asked you for an autograph, I was dressed in my blue Sidney Crosby Winter Classic T-shirt, jeans, and my Rob and Big DC’s when I came over to you and asked you for your autograph and you simply replied, ‘wow a pens fan is asking for my autograph.”’

“Okay okay smart ass,” Joff said smiling, “I remember but damn did you have to tell me your whole outfit.”

“I’m a girl it’s what we do,” DeAnna said smiling.

“I am so going to kick your ass one day,” Joff replied.

“Woo is that a threat or a promise,” DeAnna said. GAHHH remind her to kick her own ass for saying that out loud later.

“It depends on if you are going to continue treating me badly,” Joff said not comprehending what she just said out loud.

Joff immediately realized that she probably felt the exact same way about him and as they sat there talking it was then that he realized they were more than likely going to be more than friends but he knew deep down that there was no breaking her from the team she loved and that was okay with him. It would bring a great deal of amusement to their friendship, thus starting the rivalry of their hearts.

Chapter 3-How the hell did he get her number?

One day DeAnna heard her cell phone ring. Normally she just flipped it open to answer it but something deep down told her to look at the caller ID. It was Joff.

“How the hell did he get my number,” DeAnna thought to herself as she flipped open the phone to answer it.

“Hello,” DeAnna said.

“Hey how have you been,” Joff said on the other line.

“I’m doing okay but can I ask you something,” DeAnna said.

“Sure,” Joff said knowing what she was going to say.

“How the hell did you get my number,” DeAnna said out of curiosity.

“Um…when we met in the restaurant before the game and you went to the bathroom, I kind of hacked into your phone and got your number out of your phone,” Joff said, “please don’t think I am crazy.”

“Wow you Flyers are sneaky little douche bags,” DeAnna said laughing on the other end.

“Well jeeze thanks but you are the one that chose to come up to me and get the autograph in the restaurant,” Joff said, “after all you did tell me that you thought I was cute.”

“…And you are never going to let me live that one down if we become friends now are you,” DeAnna said hoping that Joff would catch her emphasis on the words become friends.

“Well, well, well is little Miss Pittsburgh Penguins wishing to be friends with a Flyer,” Joff said sarcastically.

“Eww and you called me sarcastic,” DeAnna said.

“Touché,” Joff said laughing, “listen I wanted to call and ask you if it would be okay if we met up tonight.”

“Umm…I’d have to check with my mom but I don’t see a problem,” DeAnna said, “I do have to be home before eleven though because I got school tomorrow.”

“That’s fine,” Joff said, “go ask your mom then call me back.”
“Alright will do,” DeAnna said hanging up the phone, “bye Joffrey Zoolander.”

“You even know one of my nicknames,” Joff said, “WOW!”

“Yeah well if we keep talking I won’t be able to ask my mom about tonight so if you keep flattering yourself with my comments we won’t have anytime to do anything,” DeAnna said.

“Alright call me back,” Joff said, “good bye.”

“Bye,” she said hanging up the phone.

DeAnna sat on her bed with her cell phone in her hand tapping it on her face as she just thought about what had happened. She flipped open the phone and began to text her best friend, Nicole.

“Hey dude what’s up?”

“Hey man nothing much, you?”

“Joff called and he wants to go hang out tonight.”

“Dude are you freaking kidding me?”

“I am so not kidding you…he just called me and asked if we could meet up tonight.”

“Wait how in the hell did he get your number?”

“He told me that when I went to the bathroom the other night in the restaurant he went into my phone and got it out through my settings.”

“Wow what a creeper, are you going to go?”

“I don’t know I still have to ask my mom and besides if I go out with him tonight, I don’t want him to think that it is a date.”

“True but I say just go for it. Go ask your mom if you can go then text me to let me know what she says.”

After DeAnna read Nicole’s last text message she went to the downstairs and saw her mother cooking in the kitchen.

“Mom,” DeAnna said, “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure,” her mom said, “what is it?”

“That Flyers guy that we had dinner with the other night,” DeAnna said, “you know Joffrey Lupul.”

“Yeah,” her mom said, “I know who he is, why?”

“Well he just called me and asked if we could go do something tonight,” DeAnna said, “he’s in town for a few more days and he can’t stand hanging out with the team anymore.”

“You know how I am with you going out by yourself, but since he is an adult, I’ll let you go,” her mom said, “but on one condition you have to call me to check up, and you have to be home before eleven.”

“Alright thanks mom,” DeAnna said hugging her mother.

DeAnna flipped open her phone and dialed Joff’s number.

“Mom is going to kill me for the long distance phone call, but oh well who cares,” DeAnna thought to herself.

“Hello,” Joff said, “are you allowed to go tonight?”

“Yeah I’m allowed to go,” DeAnna said, “do you want me to meet you at the hotel or do you want to come and get me?”

“Well, I don’t have my car with me,” Joff said, “Do you think you can meet me down here?”

“Yeah sure,” DeAnna said, “that’s not a problem I’ll have somebody drive me down.”

“Alright I’ll see you at six,” Joff said, “When you get here I guess we’ll get a cab to the movies.”

“Alright sounds good,” DeAnna said, “see you at six.”

DeAnna and Joff both hung up the phone smiling. They knew this was the beginning of a long-term friendship.

Chapter 2-What will her Friends Say?

As soon as DeAnna got to the arena and got settled in her seat, her cell phone rang. It was Nicole, her best friend for two years, and their friend Brittany.

“Hello,” DeAnna said, “what’s up?”

“Nothing much excited for the game,” Nicole said, “where are you sitting?”

“East Club suites 4 row A,” DeAnna said, “how about you?”

“Well we got B something SRO but Brittany couldn’t see over the rail so we are up standing by the rail in the balcony,” Nicole replied, “stand up so I can see you.”

DeAnna looked over to her left and saw Nicole standing there. “Look to your right,” DeAnna said to Nicole.

“OH MY GOD I never imagined we’d be on the same level ha-ha this is funny,” Nicole said.

“I have something to tell you,” DeAnna said.

“What,” Nicole said.

“Well before we came to the game tonight, my mom and I ate over at Steelehead, you know the restaurant across the street from the arena in the Marriot Hotel,” DeAnna said.

“Yeah….and,” Nicole said, “what happened?”

“Joffrey Lupul was in there,” DeAnna said, “and I approached him for an autograph and we ended up eating dinner together.”

“TRAITOR,” Nicole said laughing.

“I am not a traitor,” DeAnna replied laughing.

“What did he say,” Nicole said, “better yet what did your mom say?”

“Well we were just talking about how I have a crush on him and about how much I hate the Flyers,” DeAnna said.

“Wait…you told him that you had a crush on him and that you hated his team,” Nicole said knowing that her best friend was usually shy.

“Yes I told him that I had a crush on him and that I hated his team,” DeAnna said, “why is that so surprising to you?”

“Well man you are usually so shy,” Nicole said, “anyways what did your mom say?”

“She couldn’t believe it at first,” DeAnna said, “she was a little hesitant at first but she let me sit with him.”

“Wow that’s insane, I don’t know what to say,” Nicole said.

“To top it all off,” DeAnna said, “I got his number.”

“YOU DID NOT NOW FREAKING WAY,” Nicole said, “yeah I got his number, he doesn’t have mine but I have his.”

“Wow that’s props to you,” Nicole said, “are you going to keep in touch with him?”

“My mom told me he is too old for me and I told her that I am not going to call him,” DeAnna said.

“Dude you’re nuts you might get us some free tickets,” Nicole said laughing.

“Never thought of that,” DeAnna said, “well we better hang up before both of our batteries go dead and we miss the warm-ups.”

“Yeah I’ll text you during the game or at intermission,” Nicole said, “talk to you later bye.”

DeAnna shut her and cell phone and when she heard the string of boos throughout the arena she knew the rivals, the enemies, the goons of hockey had taken the ice, she booed right a long with the other fans until she saw that number fifteen look up directly at her and smile.

DeAnna just sat there and waved without letting the other people around her know who she was waving at. Her mom knew, but as for the other forty of fifty Penguins fans that were in the club level didn’t know.

All throughout the game the score was tight. It was a battle to whoever tired out first. First Philadelphia would go ahead by one goal then the Penguins would tie it up. It came down to the third and final period after a long hard fought battle and many fights throughout the way.

DeAnna’s favorite hockey player of all time, twenty year old, Sidney Crosby, scored the goal that sealed the deal and made the score 4-2 with the Penguins coming out on top to win their first Atlantic Division Championship in ten years.

Playoffs were in a week and had the Penguins lost that game, the would have been facing this team, there across state rival in an all out bloody battle for the state of Pa for the next eleven days.

When Joff left the ice, he turned around and stuck his stick up to the girl that he couldn’t get off of his mind.

DeAnna waved back and sitting back in her seat waiting for the Penguins to give twenty four lucky fans their jerseys, she realized that she had gotten herself into a real dilemma.

She just sat there wondering what it would be like getting to know him better then the thoughts crossed her mind on what it would be like to be a Penguins fan falling for a rival team’s player. It was strictly unheard of in the hockey community.

Then another thing crossed her min

Chapter 1-Behind Those Blue Eyes

It was April 2nd, 2008; a Pens fan was getting ready to go to the Pittsburgh Penguins’ last home game of the season with her mother when they stopped at a restaurant in the city.

It was there she saw him, at first she thought she was seeing things. She hesitated at first on going up to him because the Pittsburgh fans never bothered the opposing team’s players, unless of course they were the Staal brothers.

At first she looked at her mom and said, “OH MY GOD THAT GUY AT THE BAR IS JOFFREY LUPUL FROM THE FLYERS.”

Her mom looked at her and said, “What kind of name is Joffrey and go up to him just don’t sit here.”

DeAnna responded with, “you don’t understand no Penguins fans go up to Flyers for autographs; it’s like one of the Pittsburgh Penguins fans hockey sins.”

“Well why don’t you be the first one to put a slap shot to your hockey soul,” her mom said. “

Fine I’ll do it,” DeAnna said getting up from the table and slowly walking towards the enemy.

As she approached him, he couldn’t help but notice that a Pens fan was coming towards him. “Penguins fans never approach us there has got to be something up here,” Joffrey though to himself.

“Uh will you please sign this,” DeAnna said pulling out a hockey puck from her purse.

“I don’t mean to sound rude or anything,” Joff said while signing the puck, “but why are you, a Pens fan at that approaching a rival player?”

DeAnna hesitated for a minute before responding, “I-I I uh….I sort of have a crush on you,” she said while blushing.

Joff just smiled saying, “well I am flattered, I cannot wait to tell the other guys they’ll get a kick out of a Pens fan liking one of us.”

“Oh Geeze thanks,” DeAnna replies sarcastically.

“So how long have you been a fan of me, might I ask,” Joff said handing the puck and the sharpie back to her.

“Since like the beginning of the season when we played you guys,” DeAnna said, “although I did hate that one game where you guys thought it was okay to humiliate us on national television 8-2.”

Joff just smiled and replied, “We were just doing our job.”

“Doing your job my ass,” DeAnna said getting very angry, “I hate your whole team, you guys think it is okay to bully people around and as for Downie…well don’t even get me started on him because we will be here all night.”

Joff just stood there amazed at the fact that DeAnna felt this way about the Flyers.

“You seem like you are a die hard hockey fan and not a puck bunny like some of the other girls that go to hockey games,” Joff said.

“Trust me, my friends and I can’t stand them,” DeAnna replied, “they go to the hockey games yelling ‘OH MY GOD CROSBY I LOVE YOU,’ ‘MALKIN I LOVE YOU,’ and so on and it gets really annoying. Do you know what else I hate about them?”

“I’m afraid to ask,” Joff said smiling, “if you don’t mind please have a seat and keep me company.”

“Sure I might as well just let me go tell my mom where I am then I will be right back to finish boasting to you,” DeAnna said walking away to go tell her mom she was talking to Joff.

Joff sat there as she walked away thinking that this girl was really different. He was pretty much amazed that he was able to have a long conversation with one of the opposing team’s fans without getting booed or cursed at. Joff was quickly snapped out of his thoughts when DeAnna returned.

“Yoo Hoo Lupul come back down from Joffreyworld,” DeAnna said sarcastically.

“Are you always this smart,” Joff said smiling back.

“Unfortunately…yes,” DeAnna replied while looking into those big blue eyes that Joff had.

She absolutely loved his eyes, every time she found a picture of him on the internet she would save it because she always seemed to make eye contact with the picture.

“So anyway as I was saying before about the puck bunnies,” DeAnna said.

“Go ahead, I enjoy hearing stories,” Joff said ordering another drink.
“Shouldn’t you slow down on the alcohol you got a game in two hours,” DeAnna said.

“Whatever we drink before games all the time,” Joff said, “it helps boost our energy.”

“Do you share with the refs,” DeAnna said smiling.

“Once again another smartass comment. I could talk to you all night,” Joff said taking a sip from his drink, “do you want one?”

“No I can’t I’m only 16...well almost 17. I‘ll be 17 on May 17,”DeAnna said smiling and thinking about the all night comment, “thanks for offering though.”

“No problem so back to the puck bunny boasting,” Joff said, “by the way 17 on the 17th, that’s cool.”

“I hate when they come to hockey games in short mini skirts and halter tops and then they have the nerve to complain that it is too cold,” DeAnna said.

Joff nodded his head in agreement, “to be honest, half of the time we look and say that the girl is hot and other times we just sit there saying, ‘I can’t believe that crazy ass wore that to a hockey game.’”

“One time I was at our one home game against Montreal last year and some girl had a mini skirt, tube top, and a push up bra on and ran up behind the Canadiens bench yelling, ‘SHELDON SOURAY SHELDON SOURAY,’ he didn’t pay her the slightest bit of attention and she got pissed and went back to her seat,” DeAnna said, “to make it so bad it was like thirty degrees and snowing outside.”

“WOW I am happy Souray ignored her,” Joff said, “I hope she froze her silicon off.”

DeAnna laughed and just nodded her head in agreement. Joff suddenly looked at his watch and said, “Wow I have to be at the arena before six o clock, I guess I’ll see you there, where are you sitting at?”

DeAnna replied, “East Club suite 4 row A.”

“Alright I’ll look for you,” Joff said, “oh by the way thanks for the talk and here is my number,” he said while picking up her cell phone to program the number into her contacts, “don’t give it to anyone now as payback.”

“I won’t see you at the game and good luck you are going to need it,” DeAnna said.

“We’ll see about that,” Joff said smiling and walked out of the restaurant.
DeAnna just sat there in total shock, was this really happening? Did she seriously just get Joffrey Lupul’s phone number? She got up from her seat and walked back over to her mom.

“Come on I don’t want to miss warm-ups,” DeAnna said.

“What happened you seemed really happy over there,” her mom said.

“It was nothing I was boasting about how much I hate his team and puck bunnies and he agreed with every word I said,” DeAnna said.

“I am happy for you, he’s really cute wait not cute, gorgeous,” her mom said.

“Tell me about it and those eyes are mesmerizing ,” DeAnna said smiling.

“Sounds like someone has a crush to me,” her mom said smiling.

“I do not,” DeAnna said denying everything, “although I do have his cell phone number.”


“Relax mom it’s not like I am going to call him,” DeAnna said, “besides he could care less about me.”

“Yeah I guess your right,” her mom said.

Meanwhile they didn’t know that Joff couldn’t get his mind off of the opposing rival’s fan that stole his heart.


DeAnna was a girl who ate, slept, and breathed hockey. She had always been a fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins, but one day a chance encounter led her to someone she never though she would set her sites on, a player from the Philadelphia Flyers named Joffrey Lupul.