Friday, October 30, 2009

Chapter 6-Like a Brother

Well it’s been almost two days since DeAnna last talked to Joff and to be honest it was kind of depressing for both of them.

Joff loved that she kept him smiling everyday and DeAnna loved that Joff was just as sarcastic as she was.

It was now Saturday and DeAnna was waiting for Joff to call her so she would know what time to catch her plane to Philadelphia in the morning, for the game against her beloved Penguins on Sunday.

DeAnna was packing when she heard her phone ring. Crashed by Daughtry was Joff’s ring tone since the song basically explained how they both met.

“Then I CRASHED into you and I went up in flames, could’ve been the death of me, then you breathed your breath in me. Then I CRASHED into you, like a runaway train. You will consume me, but I can’t walk away.”’

“Hello Monsieur Lupul,” DeAnna said, “Long time no hear.”

“What’s with the French,” Joff said, “I know I haven’t talked to you in two days and that’s sad.”

“Yeah it is,” DeAnna said, “By the way I have two years of French under my belt so get used to my random outbursts in French.”

“You never told me you speak French,” Joff said, “Je parle Français aussi.”

“Ah oui,” DeAnna said, “But I don’t feel like communicating in French today so what time should I leave in the morning.”

“Well the game starts at one o’ clock and it’s only a two hour plane ride here,” Joff said, “So I’ll send the ticket for a nine o’ clock flight.”

“Alright sounds good,” DeAnna said, “I am a little nervous, I’ve never been on a plane before and I am afraid of heights and the plane crashing.”

“It’s nothing,” Joff said, “Trust me you’ll get used to it.”

“I’ll take your word for it,” DeAnna said, “Oh and by the way you owe me a favor.”

“And that is…,” Joff said.

“When I get there you better let me meet some of my favorite Pens players,” DeAnna said, “Flyer or no Flyer you got to make me happy.”

“What have I gotten myself into,” Joff said.

“What is that supposed to mean,” DeAnna said laughing.

“Nothing you know what I meant,” Joff said, “Come on I know you are dying to meet Downie.”

“Yeah that’ll be the day,” DeAnna said, “If I would meet him I got a lot to say to that psycho.”

“He’s not psycho,” Joff said, “He has just been through a lot since he was a kid.”

“I know what happened when he was a kid,” DeAnna said, “But his actions have nothing to do with what he has been through.”

“I guess you’re right,” Joff said, “So anyways, are you excited about the game?”

“Oh yeah,” DeAnna said, “It’s my first Penguins away game so I am anxious to see the difference between our arena and yours.”

“Well first of all the fans will be cheering for us and not you,” Joff said.

“I know that,” DeAnna said, “I will have my Pens stuff on though so I should get booed out of the arena just like we boo you guys out of here.”

“Yeah but tell them you’re friends with me,” Joff said, “And you should be alright.”

“What about the forums Joff,” DeAnna said, “People would love to hear that you are befriending a sixteen year old.”

“Okay Okay just keep your mouth shut then,” Joff said laughing.

“My lips are sealed,” DeAnna said.

“What are you up to today,” Joff asked.

“Oh not much,” DeAnna said, “Just packing and getting ready for tomorrow.”

“That’s cool,” Joff said, “Is your mom excited about coming?”

“I guess,” DeAnna said, “She hasn’t really said anything though.”

“Ah I see,” Joff said, “Has she said anything about me?”

“No not really,” DeAnna said, “She still doesn’t approve of me being friends with you but I guess she’ll get over it eventually.”

“I guess it will take time for her to get used to you talking to me,” Joff said.

“Yeah I guess so,” DeAnna said, “She is just worried that you are friends with me for all the wrong reasons.”

“Yeah I know,” Joff said, “But I swear I am not.”

“I know,” DeAnna said, “But who knows over time we might not be friends.”

“I hope that doesn’t happen,” Joff said, “I like talking to you.”

“Aw same here,” DeAnna said, “And besides that you are way older than I am.”

“I know almost seven years difference between the ages,” Joff said, “I am not a pedophile.”

“Ha-ha I know,” DeAnna said, “But if you were I’d be more than happy to be your victim.”

“Maybe I should become a pedophile then,” Joff said smiling.

“Oh please do,” DeAnna said laughing.

Meanwhile on the other end Joff was wishing she was a little bit older so he would be able to tell her how he felt.

“No Joff don’t do this she’s only sixteen,” Joff thought to himself, “She’s just a kid, you should think of her as more of a sister than a girlfriend but you can’t do it, so you have to wait until she’s eighteen to tell her how you feel.”

“Well your birthday is next month,” Joff said, “You’ll be seventeen which means you only have one year until you’re Legal.”

“Yeah I’ll be legal in one year,” DeAnna said, “But why do you care unless of course you have a crush on me or something.”

With this being said the phone went completely silent.

“Hello anybody there,” DeAnna said, “Joffrey yoohoo Joffrey.”

“I uh…got to go,” Joff said, “I have a late practice I’ll pick you and your mom up from the airport, have a safe flight. Call me when you get off the plane.”

“Alright bye,” DeAnna said.

“Oh My God,” Joff said to himself after he hung up the phone, “She knows that I like her, I’m so dead.”

“Well that was weird,” DeAnna said to her mom.

“What was weird,” her mom said.

“Joff said that my birthday was next month which means I only have one more year until I’m legal and when I said what do you care unless you have a crush on me or something he said he had a late practice and hung up,” DeAnna said.

“Sounds to me like he does but he is afraid to admit it since he is seven years older than you are,” her mom said.

“I don’t know he’s like a brother to me,” DeAnna said, “If he ever told me how he felt it would be a little weird between us.”

“Yeah I guess you’re right,” her mom said, “I am starting to like him.”

“Finally,” DeAnna said.

“Is he picking us up at the airport tomorrow,” her mom said.

“Yeah our flight is at nine o’ clock tomorrow so we should be in Philadelphia by eleven or twelve,” DeAnna said, “he wants us to call him when we touch down in Philly so he can leave to come get us.”

“Is he bringing any of his teammates with him,” her mom said.

“I hope not, but I got a feeling Steve Downie will try to come with him,” DeAnna said, “They are roommates so I guess Steve will tag along I hope he doesn’t though I can’t stand him.”

“What did he ever do to you,” her mom said, “you don’t even know him and you are saying that you don’t like him.”

“He goes around messing with everybody on the ice,” DeAnna said and it’s irritating.”

“So that’s why you don’t like him,” her mom said, “He beat up a few of your boys so you don’t like him.”

“Exactly,” DeAnna said.

“Well you need to give Steve Downie, the person a chance,” her mom said, “He could be a lot different from Steve Downie, the idiot on ice.”

“I guess you’re right,” DeAnna said, “We better get to sleep it’s late and we got a plane to catch in the morning.”

“Yeah you’re right,” her mom said, “Think about what I said. Good night I love you.”

DeAnna told her mom that she loved her too and gave a her a kiss good night and when her head hit the pillows she hoped that one day she would like Joff more than like a brother.

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