Friday, October 30, 2009

Chapter 4-They Meet Up

DeAnna arrived at the Omni William Penn Hotel to see Joff waiting out front. DeAnna got out of her mom’s car giving her mom a kiss goodbye and telling her to pick her up at quarter to eleven and she’d call her later.

DeAnna shut the door and walked up to Joff, who had his back towards her. She put her hands over his eyes.

“Guess who,” DeAnna said.

“Oh…I don’t know the Boogeyman,” Joff said smiling.

“See you are a smart ass,” DeAnna said, “but hey I don’t mind it.”

“Me being a smart ass is like the being the male version of you,” Joff said, “Except I’m not pretty like you are.”

“Wow Joffrey Lupul thinks I’m pretty,” DeAnna said wanting to tell Joff he was gorgeous but instead she just simply told him she was flattered.

“Hey you know what, bite me,” Joff said smiling. “I hope she knows why I told her she was pretty,” Joff also thought to himself

“I will not,” DeAnna said smirking at Joff. Meanwhile deep down she knew he must like her if he just called her pretty, now she was hoping he would catch on to the fact that she liked him too.

“Alright let’s go before we get spotted being seen together and your picture is all over,” Joff said.

“Yeah I agree,” DeAnna said, “those forums are so full of crap and they do nothing but ruin a player’s reputation.”\

“You’ll be surprised at the pending lawsuits that the NHL has against the site,” Joff said.

“Oh I believe it,” DeAnna said, “I go on there just to steal the pictures they have of you hottie hockey players.”

“Do you have any pictures of me,” Joff said out of curiosity hoping she did.

“As a matter of fact I have one or two of you and I have one in my phone to be a screensaver,” DeAnna said blushing.

“Hey don’t be embarrassed,” Joff said, “Come here,” he said as he extended his arms out to hug her and kissed her forehead wishing it was her lips.

DeAnna immediately wanted to fall to the pavement but she hugged him back wishing never to let go meanwhile she didn’t know that Joff was thinking the exact same thing.

“Alright,” DeAnna said, “let’s quit this mushy stuff and go see a movie.”

“I want dinner first,” Joff said, “I’m starving, is there anywhere good around here?”

“Well we have all the restaurants in the city,” DeAnna said, “then we have the South Side which has a new shopping center and a movie theater.”

“I guess we’ll go to the South Side,” Joff said, “any suggestions on good restaurants?”

“Do you like cheesecake and good food,” DeAnna said.

“Oh yeah,” Joff said licking his lips.

“Then let’s go to ‘The Cheesecake Factory,’” DeAnna said, “they have really good food and their cheesecake is awesome, but I must warn you about something.”

“What’s that,” Joff said.

“Maxime Talbot lives close to the restaurant and people have seen him, Sidney Crosby, and some of the other guys there before,” DeAnna said.

“So what do I care,” Joff said, “I’ll wish them luck and move on with my life.”

“They might know who I am,” DeAnna said, “my best friend and I go to practices all the time so they might remember my face.”

“You shouldn’t care,” Joff said, “do you know how many fans they have met? It’s impossible that they would remember who you are.”

“Yeah I guess you’re right,” DeAnna said, “but if we see them you better be nice and not say a word. Do we understand each other?”

“Alright I promise,” Joff said, “now will you shut up and open the door I am hungry.”

“Yeah me too,” DeAnna said, “but shouldn’t you be opening the door.”

“Oh yeah sorry about that,” Joff said, “It was very rude of me, my bad.”

DeAnna laughed at him as he opened the door and she replied a simple thank you.

Joff followed her hoping and wishing that he wouldn’t mess things up with DeAnna. Something told him that she was one he should hang onto.

DeAnna turned around to see Joff staring into space.

“A penny for your thoughts,” DeAnna said.

“Huh? What?” Joff said, “Oh sorry I was just thinking about something.”

“Are you scared we might run into some of the Pens,” DeAnna said, “and they are going to brag about how badly you are going to get your ass kicked in the playoffs.”

“Wow Hahahahahaha,” Joff said, “you’re a real piece of work do you know that?”

“So I’ve been told,” DeAnna said, “but it’s the truth, I’m sorry.”

“Wow,” Joff said, “You are a die hard Pens fan but you are becoming friends with a Flyer, how the hell did that happen?”

“Uh let’s see it happened the other night in Steelehead,” DeAnna started explaining what happened, “and I asked you for an autograph, I was dressed in my blue Sidney Crosby Winter Classic T-shirt, jeans, and my Rob and Big DC’s when I came over to you and asked you for your autograph and you simply replied, ‘wow a pens fan is asking for my autograph.”’

“Okay okay smart ass,” Joff said smiling, “I remember but damn did you have to tell me your whole outfit.”

“I’m a girl it’s what we do,” DeAnna said smiling.

“I am so going to kick your ass one day,” Joff replied.

“Woo is that a threat or a promise,” DeAnna said. GAHHH remind her to kick her own ass for saying that out loud later.

“It depends on if you are going to continue treating me badly,” Joff said not comprehending what she just said out loud.

Joff immediately realized that she probably felt the exact same way about him and as they sat there talking it was then that he realized they were more than likely going to be more than friends but he knew deep down that there was no breaking her from the team she loved and that was okay with him. It would bring a great deal of amusement to their friendship, thus starting the rivalry of their hearts.

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