Friday, October 30, 2009

Chapter 7-The Dream and Philadelphia Freedom

DeAnna couldn’t get to sleep that night before she left for Philadelphia. Meanwhile, neither could Joff. DeAnna wondered what it might be like if she was Joff’s girlfriend, meanwhile on the other hand Joff wondered what it might be like if he was with her all the time.

DeAnna laid her head down and tried to get some sleep. She finally got to sleep around 2am and she had a dream that she hoped was a reality.

DeAnna was standing in the airport without her mom, she was Joff’s age, and not sixteen. She was waiting for Joff to pick her up, and take her to the game. They have been together for almost a week now, and they were madly in love with each other. DeAnna never thought she would fall for the enemy and Joff never thought another team’s fan would fall in love with him. DeAnna looked around before she spotted Joff waiting out by his silver Range Rover.

DeAnna gathered her luggage and wheeled it behind her.

“Joff,” DeAnna said running to him.

“Dee baby,” Joff said turning around and hugging her then kissing her.

“I have waited for this for I don’t know how long,” DeAnna said.

“It felt good to kiss you,” Joff said.

“Same here,” DeAnna said, “We are going to make the world jealous.”

“Yeah we are,” Joff said, “That is alright with me.”

“Me too,” DeAnna said, “Nice car by the way, Range Rovers are my favorite.”

“Well if that’s the case,” Joff said, “How about you drive?”

“Oh no,” DeAnna said, “As much as I would love too, I don’t trust myself with an 80,000 dollar SUV.”

“You either drive or you aren’t going to the game,” Joff said smiling and giving her a puppy dog face.

“Why are you so damn irresistibly gorgeous,” DeAnna said, “Alright give me the keys.”

DeAnna woke up and it was now 8:59am which meant she was up before the alarm. Why did that have to be a dream? She hoped it was a reality but then again reality sucked to her because she would never get the chance to be with Joff, or would she?

DeAnna woke her mom up and got a shower. When she got out the shower she realized that there was a text on her phone from Joff.

“Call me when you are almost to Philadelphia”

“Alright I will do that. I am excited like you have no idea.”

“I am glad to hear that, Steve said he is excited to see you too.”

“HA HA too bad I’m not excited to see him.”

“Ool burner”

“Get some ice then =P”

“Full of funnies this morning, aren’t we?”

“Oh bite me; alright I am going to get dressed. I’ll call you when we are 10 minutes away from landing.”

“Gladly =P….alright see you then.”

DeAnna shut her phone and threw it on her bed.

“If you keep sitting there texting and doing nothing we are going to miss our flight,” her mom said.

“I don’t even want to go on the plane,” DeAnna said, “You know I am petrified of planes.”

“Why did you agree to go to the game then,” her mom said, “I’m sure Joff would have understood if you were scared.”

“I told him that I was scared of the plane crashing, and also my fear of heights,” DeAnna said.

“Yet he still booked a plane,” her mom said.

“It’s a private jet,” DeAnna said, “It shouldn’t be that bad.”

“Take a Xanax and you should be fine,” her mom said.

“Give me one when we get to the airport,” DeAnna said.

“Alright let’s quit talking and get dressed,” her mom said.

DeAnna got dressed and styled her hair then grabbed her mom’s keys and started loading the luggage in the car.

“Alright,” her mom said, “Are you ready to go?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” DeAnna said.

They said goodbye to her grandparents, and her aunt and pulled off on their way to the airport.

They got to the airport at quarter after 10 and saw the big huge private jet.

“You must be DeAnna and Kelly,” the pilot said walking towards them.

“Yes that’s us,” DeAnna said, “I’m DeAnna and this is my mom Kelly.”

The pilot shook both of their hands before replying, “Joff tells me you two hate heights and flying, am I correct?”

“Yes you are,” DeAnna said, “My mom has been on a plane before, but me never, and I am more scared than anything.”

“I promise that you are in good hands,” the pilot said, “I have been a pilot for over twenty years and this plane is light like a feather.”

“Now that makes me feel better,” DeAnna said.

“How long will it take to get to Philadelphia from here,” her mom asked.

“About half an hour maybe forty-five minutes,” the pilot said.

“Joff said two hours,” DeAnna said, “Now I got to call him and work his nerves.”

“He said you were a tough cookie,” the pilot said, “Call him and tell him that the plane ride is no more than half an hour to forty-five minutes. He should know this, he flies from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, and Philadelphia to Pittsburgh four times per year.”

“Hey Joff,” DeAnna said, “You know how you said the plane ride is two hours?”

“Yeah,” Joff said, “It is two hours.”

“The pilot said it’s anywhere from half an hour to forty-five minutes from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia,” DeAnna said.

“Alright I’ll leave for the airport now,” Joff said, “Where are you at?”

“I just boarded the plane and I should be there in like thirty maybe forty-five minutes,” DeAnna said.

“Alright I’ll leave my house in like fifteen minutes,” Joff said, “Call me to make sure I left.”

“Alright I’ll do that,” DeAnna said, “I got to go we are about to take off.”

“Alright bye,” Joff said.

DeAnna and her mom fastened their seatbelts and before they knew it they were in Philadelphia.

DeAnna had called Joff when they were fifteen minutes away from landing and he was leaving his house to come pick them up from the airport.

DeAnna and her mom got off at the plane at the airport. They had their own gate since they were a private plane and they saw Joff parked on the runway with the silver Range Rover. Joff was leaning against it in a hoodie and a skull cap.

“OH MY GOD HE LOOKS HOT,” DeAnna said to her mom.

“Pipe down hormone,” her mom said, “Just act normal around him and not all giddy.”

Joff started walking towards them. He hugged DeAnna and gave her a kiss on the cheek then gave her mom a hug.

“You guys are finally here,” Joff said, “How was the plane?’’

“It was cool I guess,” DeAnna said, “We’re here safely aren’t we.”

“Yeah you are,” Joff said, “Steve told me to tell you that he is sorry he couldn’t come he was busy with planning stuff for the game.”

“More like conspiring to hurt Jarkko Ruutu,” DeAnna said, “He just needs to admit that he is afraid of Ruutu that way they can both get on with their lives.”
“Come on give Steve some credit,” Joff said, “Although I must admit he is a pansy sometimes.”

“THANK YOU JOFF,” DeAnna said, “You think he’s a pansy too.”

“Let’s pretend like I never said that,” Joff said, “Alright who has shotgun in the range?”


“I never knew that,” Joff said, “I guess you learn something new everyday.”

“I want one for my birthday,” DeAnna said, “But my family doesn’t have 80,000 dollars to spend.”

“I hope you get one,” Joff said making a mental note to buy her one.

“What’s your favorite color Range Rover,” Joff said.’

“I like red and black ones,” DeAnna said, “I wish they made them in the champagne color like the Escalades.”

“That’d be pretty awesome if they did,” Joff said, “They have white ones though.”

“I know but they are just plane white and have no sparkle to them,” DeAnna said.

“You know a lot about cars,” Joff said, “Some girls don’t know anything when it comes to cars.”

“I love cars,” DeAnna said, “But I definitely love sports more than cars.”

“Are you ladies hungry,” Joff said, “We can get something to eat before we go to my house so you guys can get ready for the game, or we can go directly to get ready. It’s up to you guys.”

“I’m not that hungry,” her mom said.

“I am though,” DeAnna said, “Joff do you have I-Hops out here in Philly?”

“Yeah we do,” Joff said, “I thought they had them in Pittsburgh.”

“They do but it is so far away from my house,” DeAnna said.

“Alright I-Hop it is,” Joff said.
DeAnna couldn’t believe it they were finally in Philadelphia and Joff gave her a kiss on her cheek but not her mom. What did it mean? Did it mean he felt the same way about her as she did him? I guess the dream was a dream but this, this was Philadelphia freedom.

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